28.08.2023 EP UPCOMING SOON!

Fluid (EP) ℗© 2023 Aparton

27.07.2023 Single, featuring GABRIELA BELTRAMINO

Der Palast/Dein Wissen

(Single) ℗© 2023 Aparton

03.23.2023 Single, featuring CHRISTOPHER REITMAIER

Vimana/Vimana Vimana (Single) ℗© 2023 Aparton

10.01.2022 EP Release, featuring CHRISTOPHER REITMAIER

Vimana  (EP) ℗© 2022 Aparton


Robot Life ℗© 2021 Aparton

04th of October 2021 TRUE IDENTITX Remix OUT NOW!


WieWerWoWas ℗© 2021

21th of July 2021 Single OUT NOW!

Solange es die Welt gibt

℗© 2021 Aparton

07th of July 2021 Single OUT NOW!

WieWerWoWas ℗© 2021 Aparton

December 2020 BALOHRION single OUT NOW!

BALOHRION (B. Reiss/J. Diehn)

Baluno/Balduo ℗© 2020

22th of May 2020 TRUE IDENTITY Remix release OUT NOW!


Robot Life ℗© 2020

04th of May 2020 TRUE IDENTITY Remix release OUT NOW!


Fireball ℗© 2020

B O S Q U E               (2019)


Exhibition and concert

Laura Salomone and Florencia Cazaban


BALOHRION is a duo Project



Saturday the 07th of December 2019 live at Studio Industrie in Berlin Kreuzberg 36




at Studio Industrie, Berlin Kreuzberg


Sa, 15.06.19


Laura Salomone Drawnings

Renata Fuchs Paintings


Somniative Avant Garbage


Bernhard Reiss Musik A La Minute

Ian Kornfeld Instant Video

MAY 2019: new single out now! ROBOT LIFE

Robot Life ℗© 2019 Aparton

APRIL 2019: new single out now! FIREBALL

Fireball ℗© 2019 Aparton


BERNHARD REISS, SOMNIATIVE, PEDRO PESTANA and SNORRE SJØNØST HENRIKSEN live concerts, Festival Dos Canais 11 - 15 July 2018 Aveiro, Portugal

BERNHARD REISS & SOMNIATIVE live concerts, Festival AgitAgueda 07 - 29 July 2018,


Online release of all former works on several platforms


AUDIOVISUALS by Ian Kornfeld & Bernhard Reiss

Friday 21th of October 2016 at KLEINER SALON, Berlin Kreuzberg


Limited edition LP vinyl release on Voiles!

Theory Of Mind ℗© 2016 Voiles

1. Contenance

2. Das Ende Der Welt

3. Pig 311

4. Another Life

5. Theory Of Mind

6. Golden Dreams

7. Both Sides

8. Electric Flaneur

9. Spectrum






Produced, written and performed by Bernhard Reiss.
Choir: Elizabeth Yochim, Kate McCallum, Astrid Vineyard, Julie Pusch on "Das Ende Der Welt" recorded by Steve McCormick at Studebaker Sound/Los Angeles.

Recorded and mixed by Bernhard Reiss in Berlin. Mastered at Estudio Lexico/Buenos Aires.

Artwork concept by Bernhard Reiss.

Punk brought Berlin based musician and composer Bernhard Reiss to music but it was the new wave sounds of Japan, XTC, early Thomas Dolby and Roxy Music combined with the sound landscapes of Brian Eno and Jon Hassell that shaped his own unique sound within the genre of Experiment and Pop-Electronica.


Reiss now presents his new album "Theory Of Mind“, a universe of gentle polyrhythms, effect-laden bass lines and cool synthesizer sounds.


"Theory Of Mind" explores the concept of mentalization, or what lies beneath the overt behavior of the mind. This exploration is reflected in the charged and idiosyncratic pulsation of complex rhythm structures that swim in a dreamy sound cosmos. His music tells a story about traveling through time and space (AnotherLife) and about pushing through the boundaries that life ś challenges present.


Reiss’ studio is described as “spaceship, oasis and temple”. Pulling from his collection of rare and unusual instruments he combines a myriad of instruments to shape the album’s special sound. For example, throughout the album one can hear the sound of a trapezoid xylophone.


"Das Ende Der Welt", one of the potential hits on the album, is an apocalyptic love poem and the only song on the album in German. Reiss combines the driving energy of the drum machine bass line with dreamy poetic lyrics that drop into "is this the end of this world? this is the end that you think it is.” Innocuously connecting the idea “end of the world” as it is tossed about in contemporary culture to a more transcendent possibility, that it is the end of how we have created and accepted the reality that we live.


Keeping with his punk and new wave influences the song juggles romanticism with a no-nonsense directness, the combination that makes "Das Ende Der Welt" catchy, multi-layered with its cool electronic sounds and the warm, enchanting voices of the all female choir that was assembled and recorded in Los Angeles.


A mature artist, Reiss’s latest album deserves a listen. It is thoughtful, well constructed, carries a sense of playfulness, humor and irony and is transcendent offering in the end a journey through music towards a new perspective.


"is this the end of this world"?
this is the end that you think it is.


"Is this the end of your world?
a world that dissolves into 1000 pieces.” !

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