Berlin-based composer, drummer and multi-instrumentalist Bernhard Reiss is active in the areas of Electronica and the improvisatory field of Musik A La Minute, working across and beyond genre boundaries as a solo artist as well as with various collaborators. Musically, his style subscribes to the spaces in-between, and is characterized by idiosyncratic combinations of polyrhythmic structures within an atmospheric layering of sound. 

Born in Southern Germany, Bernhard gave his first concert at the age of three banging on pots and pans in his parent’s living room. As a young musician, he moved to Hamburg then to Berlin and has produced through his own production label Aparton a multitude of solo records as well as contributed to several collaborative projects with other musicians.

Bernhard has composed music for film, theatre, and dance; and he produces live improvisations for silent movies, art installations and public performances. He has toured the world as a drummer for Barbara Morgenstern’s band and was a founding member of Freundschaft.

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